Bourbon Review - Wild Turkey Rare Breed

Bourbon Review - Wild Turkey Rare Breed

Wild Turkey Rare Breed

Proof: Varies (116.8 in this batch) | Price: $49.99

Bold, robust, and untamed, Wild Turkey Rare Breed captures the essence of the wild in every sip.

Nose: An assertive introduction, the nose is an intriguing blend of vanilla, toasted oak, and a touch of leather. It's a call to the untamed spirit that lies within the bottle.

Taste: The palate is an adventure. Full-bodied and unapologetically spicy, notes of honey, cinnamon, and dark fruits collide. A burst of flavor that commands attention.

Finish: A finish that lingers, the warmth extends with a medley of spices and a subtle sweetness. It's a journey that leaves a lasting impression.

Overall review: 9.2/10. Wild Turkey Rare Breed is a testament to the robust character that defines the Wild Turkey lineage. Would I purchase it again? Certainly. It's a bottle that embodies the bold spirit of Kentucky bourbon.