Bourbon Review - Booker's Bourbon "Big Man, Small Batch"

Bourbon Review - Booker's Bourbon "Big Man, Small Batch"

Booker's Bourbon "Big Man, Small Batch"

Proof: Varies (126.5 in this batch) | Price: $79.99

A tribute to tradition and a nod to innovation, Booker's Bourbon "Big Man, Small Batch" is a bold expression of the Beam family legacy.

Nose: A robust introduction, the nose is an amalgamation of oak, vanilla, and a touch of toasted nuts. It's an invitation to the depth of flavors that follow.

Taste: The palate is a revelation. Full-bodied and unapologetically intense, notes of toffee, dark fruits, and a robust spiciness take center stage. It's a sensory journey that captivates.

Finish: A lingering finish that evolves, the warmth extends with layers of oak, pepper, and a subtle sweetness. It's a grand finale that leaves a lasting impression.

Overall review: 9.6/10. Booker's Bourbon "Big Man, Small Batch" is a testament to the bold spirit of true small-batch bourbon. Would I purchase it again? Absolutely. It's a bottle that embodies the essence of bourbon craftsmanship.

Stay tuned as our quest through the top 100 highest-rated bourbons continues. Each bottle unveils a chapter in the rich narrative of bourbon history.

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